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Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) have been used to construct thousands of North American buildings throughout the last twenty years.

Builders / Architects:
Build better than the competition.

Insulating Concrete Forms are the perfect choice for builders and Architects looking to offer their customers something more than the competition.
A reputation for quality, design versatility, and service fuels the growing market. The structures built using Insulating Concrete Forms are not only stronger and more durable than conventional construction, they are also cleaner, quieter, and exceptionally energy efficient.

Insulated Concrete Forms are a revolutionary method of constructing exterior walls that is rapidly replacing conventional wood framing and more traditional patented forming systems in the residential and commercial construction industries. An insulated concrete form system is basically a set of hollow, expanded polystyrene (EPS, also commonly called Styrofoam) blocks that are stacked into the shape of the exterior walls of a building, reinforced with steel rebar, and then filled with concrete. After the walls are poured, five phases of wall construction have been consolidated into one step.

Five features from one wall

  • Load bearing capacity (steel reinforced concrete)
  • Furring (1 5/8 spacers on 8 centers)
  • Vapor barrier / Air barrier (EPS foam in contact with solid concrete)
  • Super Insulation (EPS foam and thermal mass combines to greater than 40 R-value)
  • Finish substrate (EPS type II foam ready for finish)
With conventional construction this is completed in five separate steps by as many as three separate trades. ICF construction completes All five stages in one step, from one crew.

What we do

ICF Construction of Florida is a full service ICF installation company. We will:
  • Cut and stack the ICF blocks with the approved techniques for the specific block you have chosen.
  • Install the rebar according to engineering and manufacturer specifications
  • Form window and door openings.
  • Install bracing and scaffolding to the walls in a manner approved by the specific manufacturer and OSHA
  • Pump the concrete with the correct mix and slump for the specific application of the ICF wall.
  • Strip the bracing and scaffolding from the walls and remove all excess material and debris from the job site before completion

Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms

ICFs are, quite simply, a superior construction method. They provide:
  • Significant energy savings
  • Superior acoustical insulation (low noise infiltration)
  • Reduces or eliminates mold proliferation
  • Compatible with any seismic or hurricane/storm standard.
  • Superior fire protection
Savings of 50 – 80% can be achieved when ICFs are used as part of a system with other energy efficient components like windows and high performance insulation like spray foam insulation and these savings continue for the life of the building. They are one of the lowest maintenance materials available, and are strong enough to withstand some of the heaviest storms. ICFs also provide superior fire protection with an over four hour fire rating. Its no wonder many insurance companies offer significant discounts to the owners of homes built with ICF blocks.

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